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Ratna & Co. Solicitors is a full service law firm which aims to provide the best counsel, advice and information for its clients. We are committed to understanding our clients needs and strive to maintain an effective and efficient service.

We have our main offices on High Street in East Ham, London. Founded in December 1989, we have been operating successfully for over 30 vears providing the local community and local businesses with a professional and efficient service.

Although practicing in a wide range of areas, we specialise in Convevancing, Immigration Law and Litigation.

Last Will

It is always advisable to do a Last Will (if you have savings, properties and/or other investments) as it will help your next of kin/successors in dealing with your assets upon your demise. If you pass away without a Will, then your successors will have to agree within themselves as to who should be nominated as executor/s to deal with your assets, which may not be an easy task. If however you make a Last Will, then you will decide as to whom you wish to appoint as executor/s (they could be more than one person) to deal with your assets upon your death which will facilitate in your assets being distributed to the beneficiary/s you appoint.

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